The biggest Winamax Poker Open came to an end on Sunday in Dublin post; Karol Wojciechowski from Ireland became the champion of the tournament. There were 1,191 entries in total for the game and the winner was given €89,716. The highest cash prize he won before this tournament was €19,940 and he collected the award in Dublin itself in another tournament.

After having won, Wojciechowski said he would make best attempts to play bigger events now as he feels he is on a good run. As per him, poker is a great game and it’s not only because it’s his capital as there are many other places one can play poker if you wish to do it across Ireland. It is a great advantage to live in Ireland and enjoy it. He also spoke about his fondness for 6- max and said he likes both, although they are entirely different tournaments.  WPO is a relatively more aggressive game and he likes playing both. He also spoke about French players and how good they were at the game.

On the 3rd day, 17 players were left and many quick exits began to reduce the field into just 2 tables. Matthieu Lamagnere from France started the day as a chip leader and continued to maintain his lead for the best part of the action. Lamagnere continued to hammer at the tournament and eliminated Dominique Potenza. Wojciechowski came from behind and gave Macdonnel a bit of vengeance as he scored an Ace on the river to grab a big chunk out of Langner’s stack. Lastly, when the table was set at the final state, Wojciechowski sat in the lead. He got Antoine Fontaine out and later on sent Quang Liu Zhi on the rail. Thereafter, only 4 players were left and 3 out of whom were Irishmen.