There are certain playing strategies that vary between live and online tournaments.

When it comes to Sunday Million Live there are certain tips that come in handy, especially from the pros that are associated with PokerStars. There are many questions that arise, such as what skills are important when one is playing live as compared to online games. Sunday Million Live is one unique poker gaming event that brings elements of live and online play together.

Sunday Million was a unique poker gaming concept that was launched way back in 2006. It was for the first time that players settled in front of their computers to play a poker tournament online and which had a guaranteed sum of one million. It has been eleven years since then and Sunday Million has now become one of the largest and biggest as well as most reputed online tournaments to be a part of, especially for aspiring pro poker players.

Today there are about 3,000,000 entries that are received and about five hundred players gain champion status on average. It is a weekly event, there are thousands of players who come from different parts of the world to compete and gets the top prize which leads to amounts surpassing $100,000. There are titles that are awarded as well, which are also deemed prestigious in the world of poker.

This year Sunday Million will be holding a live version for the first time, hence named Sunday Million Live. There would be the regular buy in amount of €215 and a one million guaranteed amount. The first live and online version would be held at King’s Casino in Czech Republic. Those who log on to play online will still be able to do the same. The online venue at PokerStars will give them access as well as allow them to qualify to play in the live rounds.