Ylon Schwartz the poker player from New York received the first gold bracelet in his career in the 2012 World Series of Poker.

He won Event #27 $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. tournament along with $267,081.

Though winning gold is not a big thing in WSOP as there are 61 bracelet winners in the 2012 WSOP, there is something fascinating about his win. His path to this victory is really captivating.

Before he entered into poker world Ylon Schwartz was spending his time in the parks in Manhattan. Manhattan played host to underground chess and he was fascinated by the game. He was hooked on to the game of chess after he won his first bet for $2.

Soon Schwartz was making a profit out of his passion. Unfortunately, it was not enough to make the ends meet and he was constantly on the lookout for better avenues for employment. He had a small stint at college, tried betting at racetracks, dart, and did odd jobs. All these were unsuccessful and soon he was jobless and homeless.

Schwartz’s good time started when one of his friends taught him to play poker game. He began playing poker in Manhattan underground clubs. Though he was a novice in the poker game he was able to correlate the game of chess and that of poker and soon he was making a good income from the poker game.

In the 2008 Main Event he made a miraculous performance and finished in fourth place. This made him eligible for Payday worth$ 3,794,974. This incredible win not only gave Schwartz a position in the poker world, but also gave him enough money to play in another huge tournament.

After four years now he has World Series of Poker (Europe) Gold Bracelet to his credit and overall winnings worth $4,624,754.

His story is inspiring to millions of poker players out there.