The stars collected altogether in the Motor City Casino poker room in Detroit as soon as “Scott” looked down to the pocket threes. He has ended up everything with quads on a completed board containing two threes as well as two queens.

This was lucky for Scott, “Kenneth” who had two queens up for higher quads. This has qualified them for upcoming bad beat jackpot payout in U.S. history because a bad beat fund has increased to $1,068,590.

As the story moves ahead, the game became a six-handed and the best time to strike the jackpot than the normal full nine-handed game, for the other players who are seated at the table and who cut the “table share.” At Motor City, the share is 40% of the jackpot, which amounts to over $400,000. The four players are sitting at the table spotting the hand and received $106,856 each.

As far as Scott is concerned, he received the lion’s share of 40 % along with $427,452 payout and Kenneth received the cheque for $213,712 all because of his quad queens, all good for 20% of the jackpot.

Bad beat jackpots becomes the incentive to players, and in maximum poker rooms all over, if the pot swelled to approximately $200,000 without getting hit, then the excitement will start brewing. By considering this morsel, Motor City’s got to over $1 million is an excellent impression.

Lots of quads over quads have become tough to hit. In so many poker rooms, the hands that qualify includes quads or better beat, which is inclusive of losing the flush with quads or else a lower straight flush, providing a higher chance to strike. In various other rooms, the need is quad eights or better to beat by higher quads or even a straight flush.