Andy Bloch is known as most prolific poker player, certainly when Andy started playing poker games he far away from the word prolific, and with the passage of time he gained this name. Andy was born in a family who loved playing card games; he too started playing card games at his early age. In his initial days he use to play card games for fun with friends, certainly at the age of early 19 he selected playing card games as a hobby after he got his degree of engineering from MIT. He was even a team member of the MIT Blackjack Team.

He started playing games at the casino of Foxwoods for small tournaments. In the year 1992, he started entering and participating in a competition for once in a month with just a small amount of entrance fee of $35. He started building up his skills by seeing his peers playing techniques. Within a year he achieved his first winning success at the World Poker Finals Tournaments, he played for a No-Limit Hold’Em event. Parallel he was studying a law, but he was much far from the law carrier. Moreover, he used to bunk his classes to play poker in tournaments, as he was more concerned towards poker games rather than studying law. At present he is a qualified lawyer, but he has been kept concentrating his mind towards poker.

Andy continued playing poker in several tournaments, and he finally made his name remarkable in the field of poker in the year 2001, by making a pair at the final table of WSOP. He achieved his first winning in the same year at casino of Foxwoods. Andy took home along with him $10,000 from the Ultimate Poker Challenge Final Event in the year 2005. He made a marvelous history record in the year 2006. He took home $1 million by standing 2nd at the WSOP Horse tournament. His total carrier earning is near around $4 million.